Blackjack Modern History

The game of blackjack has an extremely long and very complex history that has roots in a number of different cultures and traditions emanating from a number of different regions around the world. The clearest segment of blackjack history is the modern history of the game which is filled with many changes and advances as well as more than its fair share of troubles.

The Beginning of the Systems Age

The modern age of blackjack is often referred to as the beginning of the systems age. This generally refers to players who have invented systems to win a t blackjack. The fact of the matter is that since the very beginning of blackjack, or any other card game for that matter, there have been those players, just a bit more serious or a bit smarter than the average player who have invented their own system anyway.

What the age of systems really refers to is a much more concerted effort by professional blackjack players to develop systems that would potentially go on to make them very rich and famous. These highly committed players would spend countless hours perfecting a winning system and a winning strategy. Many of these dedicated blackjack players would even be sponsored by wealthy investors to develop winning systems. Some players would even go to the extent of training themselves to memorize an entire deck of cards as it was dealt throughout a blackjack session so that they would know what was already played.

There are today a number of different systems that are popular and that have been developed by various players around the world, either as individuals or as groups from the nineteen fifties through the nineteen seventies. These systems have had a wide variety of success and fail results, from one of the earliest modern blackjack strategy publications called the Horsemen’s Strategy which was quite a low profile publication that not many players even took much notice of, to more successful later publications like Edward Thorp’s Beat the Dealer publication which made Edward Thorp an overnight success and celebrity.