Blackjack is a card based table game that can trace its roots back to ancient times. Card games similar to blackjack have been around since the ancient Chinese and there are a number of different civilizations that have invented card games similar to blackjack over the centuries. Blackjack itself has quite a complicated and interesting history having been modified and changed both in name and rules over many centuries to end up as one of Europe’s most popular card games for a couple of centuries.

Blackjack’s Earlier History

During the fifteenth century a popular Spanish card game called Trent Un became part of a speech on the evils of gambling written by a French monk, this is one of the earliest direct traces of the game that we know today as blackjack. From there the game winded its way through many years and many other forms until it reached a new form during France’s Napoleonic years. The game was known in France as Vingt Et Un which means twenty one, the object of the game itself, to achieve a total of twenty one with playing cards.

Blackjack Goes to the Wild West

The game of twenty one eventually began to make its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World as more and more French ships, filled with French sailors began to play the game on these new shores. Eventually the game of twenty one spread up the Mississippi River and was eventually modified to include a certain winning combination, which involved reaching the total of twenty one with an ace of spades or clubs and a jack of the same suite, this then became known as blackjack.

Modern Blackjack

Modern blackjack which can be considered from the late nineteen fifties onwards, involves a number of mathematical strategies including certain card counting techniques. Naturally land based casinos frown upon any kind of card counting system but it is nevertheless quite an interesting aspect of modern blackjack. The other modern development to blackjack has been the rise of the online casino and consequently online digital blackjack.