Iphone and Ipod Touch Apps

Blackjack has always been an exceptionally popular casino card game and it is even more popular in the digital age. There are online casinos all over the internet offering free and non-free blackjack games for your enjoyment. The problem is that if you have never played blackjack before for whatever reason, you will need to find a way to learn how to play the game and the quicker the better.

Luckily there are a number of really great apps that have now become available for iPod Touch and iPhone users. There are actually tons of really great apps that will teach you all about blackjack and there are even more that will do a lot more than just teach you about the game of blackjack, these apps will actually train you and drill you on every aspect of the game of blackjack, from card counting skills to basic and advanced blackjack strategies.

Apps are the in thing at the moment, they are easy to download and generally quite easy to use as well. There are millions of great blackjack apps from apps that are just purely about playing the game and enjoying it for what it is, to hard core training apps that will take you from novice to pro in no time at all. The following are just a few of the better blackjack apps out there for iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iPhone blackjack calculator app is just one of thousands of new apps for iPhone or iPod Touch aimed at improving you overall blackjack game. 21 Pro Blackjack is another fantastic iPhone or iPod Touch app which was produced by Avalinx Studios, this app features excellent graphics as well as smooth game play and relatively fast game speeds. Along similar lines to the 21 Pro Blackjack app is an app simply called Blackjack 21, this app is really great for a realistic game and blackjack trainer because it allows you to mimic actual blackjack gestures and movements with the iPhone or iPod touch screen. Blackjack Mentor is an excellent training tool if you are a player that wishes to master basic strategy, while Blackjack Revenge is a pure game app that is hours of fun.