Blackjack Games

The game of blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in the world and has been played in a variety of formats on casinos throughout Europe and the western world for centuries. The game of blackjack is still as popular as ever and in fact, with the advent of online casinos operating across the web, blackjack is possible even more popular now than ever before.

Blackjack is a card based table game that involves individual players against the dealer or the house which is the casino that the dealer works for. The game uses standard deck of playing cards and works basically in the following manner; the cards are valued beginning with the ace which can be used as a one or an eleven, the cards two through to nine are face value and all face cards such as jacks, queens and kings are valued at ten.

The basic object of the game is to beat the dealer with a combination of playing cards that adds up to twenty one. Twenty one is the winning hand, anything over twenty one is called a bust and is an automatic loss. If neither the player nor the dealer manages to get twenty one then the winner is the one with the score closest to twenty one. A perfect twenty one is achieved with an ace and a jack, this is also known as a blackjack.

Thanks to free blackjack games available on the internet and also as downloadable apps for smart phones and tablets it is now possible to play blackjack games for free. This is an excellent tool for practicing and experimenting with blackjack strategies particularly if you have never played blackjack or are still very new to the game. There are a number of different aspects that playing free blackjack will help you to develop and master including basic strategy, fundamental rules and principles, when to stand and when to hit and when to split. When you stand it means that you do not accept any more cards and when you hit it means that you ask the dealer for another card.