Blackjack Strategy Chart

Strategy charts are exceptionally useful to all blackjack players who are looking to improve their playing skills and make sure that their blackjack session as profitable as possible. A blackjack strategy chart will help players learn about what playing tactics are appropriate for certain hands or players can simply continue to use the charts if they do not have time to learn different tactics or card counting strategies.

A Strategy Chart works by telling the player what the best move is depending on the cards that are dealt. The player’s two cards as well as the dealers face up card will dictate whether the player should opt to hit, stand, split or double.

This particular blackjack strategy chart displays the Dealer’s showing card in the very top row. The player’s cards will be found in the first column of the strategy chart. The value of the player’s hand falls under any of three categories, i.e. hard totals, soft totals or pairs.

Using the Blackjack Strategy Chart

When looking up the dealer’s showing card, look all along the very top row. Taking your card values into account, the strategy chart will be able to let players know which move has the best odds of winning. For example, if the player has a value of less than 9 then the player should always opt for a hit. If the player has a hand with a value of more than 16 then the player is much safer opting to stand.


A player is dealt a hand that is made up of a seven of heart and a five of spades. The dealer is showing a ten of hearts. If the player makes use of the strategy chart then they will know to opt for a hit. If the player is then dealt a seven of spades then this takes the players hand value up to nineteen. There is a very good chance that the player will beat the dealer’s hand now and the chart will advise the player to stand at this point in the game.