Blackjack Sniper 1.0

Card Counting is a popular tactic used by blackjack players to help them improve their success rate. The business of counting cards accurately can be a tricky one though and that’s why blackjack calculators and apps such as Blackjack sniper 1.0 are so popular.

Blackjack Sniper 1.0 is program that is compatible with just about any Windows OS. This program will accurately and efficiently count cards for players and then advise them regarding what their next move should be. It should be noted that Blackjack Sniper 1.0 is best used when playing live online blackjack games and not when playing the regular version, i.e. without a live dealer, at online casinos.

The Blackjack Sniper 1.0 program opens up in a window that will remain visible even while clicking and actively playing in the online casino’s window. This visibility makes it easy for the player to input their hand and the dealer’s showing card. That information is then used by Blackjack Sniper 1.0 and all necessary calculations are done quickly before telling the player whether they should increase or lower their bet and whether they should hit, stand or double.

Noteworthy Features

The first noteworthy feature would have to be the ease with which the Blackjack Sniper 1.0 program can be adjusted. Players can adjust settings to make sure that the card counting strategies used are applicable to any variation of the game on offer from any online casino.

Players can also set limits with Blackjack Sniper 1.0. When they hit their winnings or time limit set, the program will remind them to conclude their blackjack session.
The Blackjack Sniper program will cost players about $40 to download. There is a free trial version that players can opt to download first if they would first like to test the program before they invest any money in it.

The Pros & Cons

One of the biggest pros would have to be the fact that this software can be tested before bought. Players can use the trial version of Blackjack Sniper 1.0 for 1 hour or 20 blackjack hands.
It should however be noted that the trial version is quite limited and does not include all the advanced options that comes with the full version of Blackjack Sniper 1.0.