Hand Signals

When playing blackjack in a land based casino, players may have difficulty communicating their needs to the dealer due to the high level of noise that is at times present. This is why many players use hand gestures instead of trying to be heard over all the noise. There are standard hand gestures that most casino dealers will understand.

There are two different groups of hand gestures that players use depending on which type of blackjack they are playing. If it is a London Deal game then the hand gestures used will be different to those used in a Nevada Deal game. During a London Deal game players are not allowed to touch their cards at all and as a result, all cards are dealt face up. During a Nevada Deal game the cards dealt face down and players are permitted to touch their cards with one hand only.

Brief Summary of London Deal Hand Signals

  • Hit: If a player would to request a hit then they would simply tap or brush the table with their finger just behind their cards.
  • Stand: If a player wishes to stand then they would simply wave their one hand from side to side, palm facing the dealer and without moving their arm. It is the same gesture that one would use when saying “no”.
  • Double: If a player wishes to double down, they would simply place a new stack of chips next to their original stack of chips. Players should not tough their initial bet at all while doing this. When the second stack is placed, the player should then hold up a finger.
  • Split: When splitting, a player should place the new bet next to the stack of chips from the initial bet placed. The player then holds up two fingers to indicate a split.

Brief Summary of Nevada Deal Hand Signals

  • Hit: Players can request a hit by making the “come here” gesture with their finger or cards on the table.
  • Stand: Players may use the same gesture as is used in the London Deal game or they may place their card under their stacked chips to indicate that they choose to stand.
  • Double: When doubling down, players need to place their cards face up on the table, place their second stack of chips next to their initial bet and show the dealer one finger.
  • Split: This hand signal is exactly the same as when doubling down but the difference is that players will hold up two fingers instead of one.