Blackjack Radar

Blackjack Radar is one of the latest blackjack calculators to hit the market. This calculator does all the hard work and calculations without much effort on the player’s part at all. The Blackjack Radar calculator is able to work for many different variations of the game offered by different online casinos.

When using Blackjack Radar, players simply select the variation of Blackjack that they will be playing and specify the rules that apply. Luckily, Blackjack Radar comes preloaded with the applicable rules for many variations of the game offered by online casinos. Players would then choose the casino that they are playing at as well as the type of blackjack they will be playing.

If the online casino is not preloaded, then Blackjack Radar makes it very easy for the player to simply input all the rules that apply to the version of the game that they will be playing. Blackjack radar is one of the most flexible and customizable blackjack calculators around.

A Few Notable Features

Blackjack Radar will present all results to players in the form of a chart. The overall design of the Blackjack Radar window is quite compact and slim so it is very easy to simply keep it on the side of your computer screen as you play at an online casino. Players simply input their hand as well as the face-up card that the dealer has dealt for himself. Blackjack Radar will then do all the necessary calculations and the result will displayed in the chart with the best course of action highlighted clearly.
Another handy feature would be the up to date information about the current promos and bonuses on offer around the web. These latest specials will be displayed right beside the charts to help players take advantages of these special offers as and when they occur.

Pros And Cons

The biggest pro would have to be the fact that Blackjack Radar is completely free of charge. It is compatible with WinNT, Windows Vista and Windows XP and is capable of operating irrespective of whether or not the user is connected to the internet.