Blackjack Mentor

Blackjack Mentor is a fantastic new software tool that is designed to help blackjack players improve their overall blackjack game as well as their general blackjack strategy. Using this useful software app it allows you to consistently work on your basic blackjack strategy skills whenever you want and where ever you happen to be. Blackjack Mentor is fantastic for committing basic blackjack strategy to memory in a fun and entertaining way. The Blackjack Mentor program features six different learning modes which are designed to cover every area of blackjack strategy.

The Six Modes of Blackjack Mentor

  • Help Mode – The help menu introduces you to an overview of blackjack rules as well as the basic concepts of card counting.
  • Drill Mode – Drill mode shows different blackjack hand combinations and records your choices in each instance, incorrect choices trigger a dialogue box displaying a section of the blackjack strategy chart pertaining to the correct choice that should have been made.
  • Table Mode – the Table Mode shows you all the categories of hand play; this allows you to select specific hands in groups to test yourself on.
  • Memorize Mode – Here you are presented with a blank strategy table and you are required to fill in the blank sections. This is a fantastic tool that will help you to memorize charts.
  • Rules Mode – In this very helpful Rules Mode you can select the specific blackjack rules that different casinos use. Once you have selected specific rules the relevant table will be generated for you to play at.
  • Action Mode – The Action Mode allows you to create your very own table of actions.

The very latest version of Blackjack Mentor also contains Speed Count OBS action tables as well as no less than one hundred and forty four different action tables including all supported rules varieties. Blackjack Mentor is available for iPhone and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. It is also possible to get Blackjack Mentor in both limited free versions through shareware and full registered Blackjack Mentor versions for Palm OS, Windows or Pocket PC through