Blackjack Iphone Application

Blackjack enthusiasts who own an iPhone can now benefit from the new blackjack app for the iPhone. The app is basically a blackjack calculator than can be used exceptionally discreetly. Players can now rely on their iPhones to accurately count cards for them while they enjoy the game of blackjack. The iPhone Blackjack app can accommodate 4 different card counting tactics, i.e. the High Low tactic, the Hi Opt 1 tactic, the Hi Opt 2 tactic and the Omega 2 tactic.

This particular app is quite useful because it is able to operate in stealth mode. This means that this powerful card counting tool can be used without even being taken out of your pocket. The stealth mode will ensure that the screen remains off. You would then simply tap the left side of the screen when a 2 – 6 card is dealt and the left side when a 10 or Ace is dealt. When the app calculates excellent odds for the player, the phone will vibrate to advise player that they should place bigger bets on the table.

Things to note when using the iPhone Blackjack App

The blackjack app for the iPhone can easily be downloaded via the iTunes store. While it is not exactly illegal to count cards when gambling at a casino, it is definitely frowned upon and can result in being banned from the casino. If you are caught using a digital blackjack calculator such as the iPhone blackjack app then you may be facing charges as well. This use of this app when gambling at online casino is greatly discouraged.

Blackjack Calculators

Blackjack calculators date back many decades and were used by gamblers to increase their odds of winning until a law was passed in 1985 that banned the use of these devices in casinos in Nevada. The very first device that could calculate odds for the benefit of the gambler was actually invented for those who enjoyed playing the game of roulette. Edward Thorp an inventor that was passionate about gambling and mastered many card counting tactics as well as invented the first portable roulette calculator.