Blackjack 21

The Blackjack 21 iPhone App is an app designed specifically to be used with iPhone models as well as iPod Touch models and makes use of the touchscreen gestures commonly used for certain on screen commands to mimic actual blackjack table gestures commonly used in actual blackjack games. This feature makes using the 21 Blackjack iPhone app a great deal of fun and also makes the entire game seem much more realistic.

To place a bet all one needs to do is tap the screen twice, this is the same as tapping the table onscreen twice. In order to signal a hit, that is to say that you would like another card then simply make a downwards swiping motion. Other important gestures that are commonly used in real blackjack include splitting cards and standing on certain combinations of cards, for these two commands a simple upward swipe can be used to split cards and a swipe across the screen will allow you to stand on a hand. The gestures used in the game are quite simple and therefore very easy to memorize, it does not require a great deal of time so you can start playing blackjack games quite quickly after installation.

Main Features of Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 has quite a few really nice features, although not as feature packed as Blackjack 21 Pro it nevertheless still has enough going for it so that it is fun and entertaining. One cool feature is the large variety of free deck and table combinations, giving your game a fresh and fun look every time that you play.
It is also possible to fully customize rules and dealer actions so that you can carefully match the way that different casinos operate. There is also an online community where you can post things like your highest scores or best results to date and so on. There is also a challenge section where you have to complete various tasks and challenges so all in all Blackjack 21 is quite an interesting, informative and above all entertaining game.