KO Count

The KO Count system is a popular card counting system that has been around since 1993 when a detailed explanation of it was included in ‘The Book of British Blackjack’. The Knockout (KO) Count is a relatively simple count that many argue to be more accurate that the basic High Low card counting strategy.

There is one major difference between the High Low system and the KO system. In the Hi Low system all 7s are considered to be neutral cards. The KO system attached s value of +1 to all 7s in the deck. Another huge benefit that comes with choosing the KO system is the fact that players do not need to convert a running count into a true count as other systems require. There is only one count when using the Knockout system.

Using the KO System

Most card counting systems are balance, i.e. the value of all the cards will add up to zero. The KO system is an unbalanced system (i.e. a system where the cards of one deck do not add up to a total value of zero) where a deck will add up to a value of +4.

The overall result is similar to taking the running count calculated using other balanced card counting systems and dividing it by the number of decks left. This means that there is no need for the division and essentially, the running count is the true count when using the Knockout system.

This is possibly why many players use this system. There are fewer calculations involved than if players were to use a balanced card counting system such as the Hi Lo system or the High Opt 1 system. This means that players can maintain a relatively fast speed while playing blackjack. This is an excellent choice for players who find division tricky under pressure. If a player finds that they make a lot of errors when trying to divide the running count in order to obtain the true count then a switch from a balanced card counting system to the KO system will benefit them greatly.