High Low Count

This is one of the most basic card counting systems around. It is very easy to learn and implement and this is why it is the very first card counting systems most gamblers use. The High Low Blackjack card counting system is also called the Hi Lo system or the Plus / Minus card counting system.

The High Low system has been around since 1963 when a gambler by the name of Harvey Dubner devised and first used this card counting technique while gambling in Las Vegas.
The High Low system is the most popular of all card counting systems because it is the easiest. Every card dealt when using the Hi Lo system will affect the overall value of the deck by 1 or less. While this simple system may not be as accurate as other more complex card counting techniques, the simplistic calculations make sure that players keep an accurate tally without slowing down the pace of the game. When card counting, it is essential that players are as discreet as possible.

Using the Hi Low Card Counting System

Players need to keep a running count throughout the game which they would then convert into the true count when using this system. The true count will give players some information about their odds is at the table. Players can then use this information and adjust their playing tactics accordingly.

In order to convert the running count into a true count, the player has to divide the running count by the amount of decks still left in the shoe. This is usually estimated by looking at the tray of played card and estimating how many decks have already been dealt.

If the true count is relatively high then the player should start betting a lot more aggressively a high count will be an indication that the odds are in their favor. The dealer is then more likely to bust and players are a lot more likely to win big when the true count is high.